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Online learning has gained a significant foothold in education across developed countries. This is mostly due to the fact that it does not require much by way of manpower, and the e-curriculum can be customised for maximum engagement with the students.

Let us teach you about e-learning

Our e-learning system is built to cover a range of education formats, from small training centres to full-fledged universities. With it, you can create courses, import SCORM content, implement online learning, manage and communicate with users, track training results, and much more.

Our e-learning system consists of a 3-tier system comprising of the administration, teaching and learning levels. The Administrator is responsible for and controls all technical questions and site management. The Teacher acts as the instructor, tutor and programme designer. The Teacher creates lessons and final exams as well as tracks the results of every learner. The Student is the top level and can interact with course and manage learning and other personal activities via a smart calendar. IM communication is also available for all 3 user levels.

Check out some of the benefits of our e-learning system.

Get a free trial: Try out the system and its many functions for free to see if they serve your business needs. We don’t want you making a bad investment.

Enterprise Edition support: We use Enterprise Edition as it is software that is hosted on your server. It is also one of the simplest, most affordable and secure platform for training.

Easily used and maintained: As our e-learning service is a turnkey system, it has been designed to let you perform the installation and run it by yourself easily. However, our staff is on hand to provide technical support should you insist.

Flexible scripting: Expect our system to be fully customisable and compatible with various platforms due to it being an flexible package.

Security: As it is hosted on your server, your data is safeguarded by way of the operative system and server database system. Or we can host for you.

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