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‘Why should I use a Content Management System (CMS)?’ – This is the most popular question I am asked daily by my clients, especially startup business.

We strongly confirm that it will be a good idea if you use CMS to build your website whether you have a home-based site or a giant ecommerce one. Here are 5 answers for this:

  1. Cheap or Free

Nowadays, there are many types of CMS to fit your site’s demand. Of course, they are free or they may cost you just a bit. This also means that you can use a lot of software at no or low budget. CMS is one of the best way to save your money

  1. No HTML knowledge? It’s ok

You can find WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) in CMS. This is an application that enables you to see in the screen exactly what will appear on simple documents. Therefore, if you know nothing about HTML, use your Microsoft Word and create web pages, blog posts or emails now!

  1. Many users, Multiple ways to access

There are a lot of CMS communities all over the world so it is very easy to find guides or video tutorials, get help for your CMS problems. It requires no more than a laptop and internet to work with CMS. You can access it from anywhere so don’t worry if your site has problems when you are on trip.

  1. Increase SEO

Almost all of CMS software makes it easy to optimize your site ranking, which helps you get desired position on the first page of Google searching results and more people can find you. There are many CMS optimization guides on the internet, find them and achieve the higher rank.

  1. Support online branding

When you have a CMS website, your marketing team will find it easier to perform digital effort and manage campaign. Moreover, a good CMS can collect user’s behavior so you can use it to cross-sell and personalize your site.

There are tons of other reasons why we should use CMS to set up website. Feel free to tell us your opinion by dropping some comments!

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