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One aspect of modern web design that promotes brand-to-consumer interaction is forums. There are even websites that rely solely on their forums for revenue, and this speaks to people’s desire to be heard.

Webz Fusion can implement this neat feature into your website to encourage constant communication between you and your audience, as well as give your audience a platform to talk about your products/services amongst themselves. Needless to say, you will have full access to the discussions in the forum, giving you a golden opportunity to hear ideas from your very own consumers.

Since forums are incredibly simple to use and don’t require any browser plug-ins, you will have an easier time encouraging your customers to join up. Once enough people start talking in the forum, it becomes a self-sustaining eco-system of feedback for your business.
You website traffic will also shoot up as a result of having more forum users, thereby drawing more attention to your business.

Our forum services include:

    • Moderation of queries posed by forum members
    • Giving moderators permission to close or respond to a discussion
    • Allow forum system to be compatible with SMS/mobile phone
    • Implement Admin Panel and Forum Solutions
    • Function to send messages and newsletters to forum members

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