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When the population of social networking users is growing by the day, it only makes sense to incorporate them into your marketing strategy. The ability to interact with your audience directly and instantly can be a powerful tool, but it could also be detrimental to your business if not handled properly.

Creating a seamless social experience

With so much information being transmitted back and forth in social networking, you need a way to keep track of the flow of communication. More specifically, you need to ensure that all your online platforms from your website to your Facebook and Mobile applications are broadcasting the same message to your target audience. If their messages are not in sync, your brand image will take a hit.

We can aid you in creating and managing your social networks so that they complement one another and assist your main website. We are able to track what your audience is saying, where they’re saying it from, and how they are interacting with your brand. This information will prove invaluable to your corporate communications department.

Furthermore, our web developers have tricks up their sleeve on how to ride social networking trends.

Learn to boost your website traffic and search engine rankings via our social networking package which includes:
  • Connections to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and email login
  • Status update feed
  • Photo/video gallery
  • Friends list
  • Messaging system
  • Blog support
  • Privacy settings
  • Discussion threads
  • Email notifications
  • Social groups function
  • Administrator panel
  • Statistics tracking
  • Customizable profiles

Apart from the above features, we offer more advanced options to turn your social networking experience into the envy of others. Just ask us!

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