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The internet has changed how commodities are bought and sold, including the age-old business of real estate. The World Wide Web has enabled property sellers to advertise their listings to thousands of potential buyers with just a click of a button.

Our fully-customisable Realty Management System is designed to give real estate entities exactly what they need to leverage on the vast networking opportunities of the internet. Our site combines the advantages of a database-driven template site with the dynamism of a custom-built website. This will allow your agents to create an online presence that is unique to them, effectively giving them a sales edge. Furthermore, with our system’s in-depth search function, you can advertise to a specific demographic or region.

Some features of our Realty Management System

Plenty of options

Our system is open-code-source, multi-lingual, template-driven and highly customisable.

Property management

Allows many ways to display your members? properties and increase listings database.

Search options

Expanded search options such as quick, refined and advanced search forms.

Additional tools

Availability of value-added applications like weather gadget, mortgage calculator, multiple currencies and SMS alerts.

Paid services

Option of creating a membership service with bonus features for paying members.


A comprehensive but simple-to-use administration panel.

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