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Document Management System (DMS) is very similar to CMS, with the main difference being how data is managed.

DMSs are designed from scratch to help companies manage the creation, storage, retrieval and expiry of information stored as documents. It operates unlike the file structure system on PC, as DMS utilises a centralised repository to store and safeguard any data that could be of value to the company.

Content stored within a DMS is independent of all other data, and this content should be easily located and shared through efficient search tools. Typically, DMS data is tagged with classification schemes or taxonomies to make searching easier.

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There are various DMS software in the market. Some have more features than others, but the top-tier DMSs have these features:

  • Primary job is to manage documents, although they are usually capable of handling media files like images or movie files.
  • Each document is self-contained for safe storage.
  • There are little to no links between documents unless they are grouped together using a classification scheme or taxonomy.
  • Focused mainly on storage and archiving document life-cycle management.
  • Boasts a powerful workflow for incorporating business processes into the document management.
  • Designed to store and present documents in their native format.
  • Document access can be restricted at folder or document level, and other security models may also be applied.

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