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Content Management System (CMS) is the heart of every website. It is the system responsible for controlling and managing all the data in a website. Without an efficient CMS system, updating content would be tedious and time-consuming, thus making websites less useful as branding tools.

CMS is especially critical for a website that relies on heavy content input by multiple contributors located in various locations, because it is able to organise and keep track of data without any effort on your end.

At Webz Fusion, we power our web designs with CMS that allows anyone with minimal IT knowledge to easily perform functions like editing, adding or deleting text and media. This means that you can update or add new information to your website without hiring dedicated IT staff.

Here are more benefits of a Content Management System:

Total control over your website

You can upload or edit content on your website instantly, allowing you to reduce miscommunication with your audience as a result of wrong information from outside sources.

Keeps your website active

There is no limit to the amount of content you can have, so you can keep building your site and work on improving your search engine rankings.

Manage design and content separately

You can add/edit content on the website without adjusting the design and vice versa.

Reduce website maintenance costs

Since you can manipulate your own website content without HTML knowledge, there is no need to hire specific IT-trained staff.

The goal of our CMS package is to deliver a feature-rich and satisfying user experience.

Here are the basic features you can expect:

  • Quick and easy content management (add/remove text, images, links, etc.)
  • CMS configuration (control every aspect of your site)
  • Meta data management (to help you go up the search engine rankings)
  • Automated site map
  • Additional editing capabilities with HTML
  • Backup facility
  • Database-driven solutions
  • Manage website layout (e.g. move menu boxes)
  • Create interactive elements in the site like forums or polls
  • Employ different forms of content like videos or graphics
  • Function to classify your website users into roles such as admin, author, contributor
  • Notification alert system for informing about the changes in the website
  • Version control that permits simplified management of the document versions
  • A CMS central storage archive where all documents and files are stored

For even more control over your website, check out the advanced CMS features below:

  • Superior editing tools for more options including WYSIWYG editing
  • Multipoint editing to allow different degrees of content management by different users
  • Automatic archiving of published content
  • Assigning of various roles and privileges to facilitate content publishing

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