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If you’re looking for a quick and effective website awareness plan, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an excellent marketing strategy to begin your lead generation immediately. This method of advertising is often used by small businesses and sales companies because it is easily measurable. Using PPC advertising allows you to get instant reports about the connection between the keywords, conversation, ad copy and landing pages.

How to utilise PPC?

A PPC marketing strategy is fairly straightforward? it is based on selecting the ideal keywords that target your clients. Since you pay for every click, the chosen keywords are critical. When it comes to PPC providers, it is best to stick to the major players like Google AdWords, Yahoo, and Microsoft AdCenter. There is no doubt that a PPC campaign will pull up your site traffic numbers.

Webz Fusion’s PPC services includes;

PPC Consultation We can give you a thorough breakdown of the PPC process, as well as help you reach the marketing goals of your website.

Planning your PPC Campaign We are trained to craft a sound PPC strategy that involves major search engines directing traffic to your website.

PPC Account Optimisation We are able to optimise your account while including the keywords that are being targeted. It is important to regularly optimise your account so as to bring your costs down.

PPC Reports We can produce in-depth reports about your PPC management.

Ad Creation We can create ads that maximise your strengths and click-through rate.

Here’s a deeper look at our PPC solutions:

  • Creating PPC campaigns for major search engines like Google, Bing and Facebook.
  • Detailed keyword research and analysis.
  • Creating ad content that varies depending on geographical location, culture, and/or demography.
  • Optimising landing pages and implementing targeted keywords.
  • Maximising your Quality score.
  • Overseeing and managing all the bids.
  • Regular ROI analysis.

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